About Me

I am Cass ❤
I am a holistic esthetician and an organic skincare formulator and I love my job. 
A long time ago I learned that there is no quick fix for beautiful skin, it will always require a whole body approach. With that knowledge I have been seeking out therapeutic skin care techniques to use with my clients so that I can meet them where they in their skin care journey. Our skin and our skin care routine is different for each individual and that routine not only changes as we age but also throughout the different seasons of the year. 
While I studied and received my license at the Euro Institute for Holistic Skin Care in Washington almost twenty years ago I have been studying skin care and whole body wellness ever since. 
I am obsessed with continuing my skin care education and am meticulous with my research. Over the years I have added many modalities to my practice to support my client’s varying skin care needs. Some of these modalities include facial cupping, manual lymphatic drainage, herbalism and cataplasm. I use autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) and Bach Flower Remedies. I am a level 2 Reiki practitioner and Certified Essential Oil Specialist.  And as an avid gardener a large majority of the plants I use in my products are grown right in my back yard. 
In 2020 I went back to school to study organic and age defying skincare formulation, advanced cosmetics and cosmetic stability and preservation. I also took courses on making chocolate spa products and how to make a professional masks that provide real results. It was so good to do a deep dive into esthetics and come away with tools that have helped me create even better products for my clients. I am a forever student and will continue to actively seek out new skills to help my clients achieve their skin care goals as long as I continue my practice. 
There is a lot of outdated and misinformation out there and it is hard to know what is right product for your skin. I love educating people about how to care for their skin and how to build a regimen that is right for your skin throughout the year and throughout your life. No two people need the exact same skin care regimen and with all the information out there if can be hard to make the best decision on what your skin needs. I love helping my clients build out their routine and often do custom products based on their specific skin care needs. 
I love to experiment and am always striving to be a better esthetician and to make new formulas that will help solve my client’s issues. I am passionate about my products, safe preservation and what the right regimen is for each individual. I am committed to finding the most sustainable options for my business at every step of my process. 
I love finding women owned farms and cooperatives for my ingredients that I can not grow or that are native to other countries. 
Often those ingredients come from plants that families have been blessing and harvesting for many generations. It is an honor to do business with these farms. 
For the past 15 years I have been running my business Love, Cass in Portland Oregon where I offer facials and waxing services as well as my skin care formulas and custom essential oil blends which I create especially for emotional support. I love all things vintage and have filled my space with an eclectic and playful collection of furniture and knick knacks that I have collected over the years. I hope that when you come for your appointment you will not only find support for your skin and all of it’s needs but you will also find a space where you want hang out with a friend and escape the stress of the world outside. 
I hope to see you soon at Love, Cass.